’twas the night before christmas

staying up all night at grandmas house on Christmas eve was the best day of the year…. when i was 8! 😳 one of my favorite childhood memories are those of grandmas house smelling like chocolate chip cookies, you know the ones we were leaving for santa👀 and then there was the christmas music playing on the kitchen radio

now I’m up all night trying to figure out last minute gifts and how I’m going to pack my 2seater car with gifts for all 20 people. why you ask? bc I’m still staying the night at my grandmas on Christmas Eve so here are my top 6 must have items for a day with the family on Christmas Eve


1. merry Christmas sweatshirt: you want to always dress fun and festive based on the holiday and for Christmas what better way than to express with the all time favorite movie: home alone
Find this sweatshirt on Amazon.com

2. flirty feathery skirt: as family members stop by the house and you go visit friends you want to make sure you pair that merry Christmas sweatshirt with this amazing chic skirt. check out this cynthia rowley skirt here http://www.cynthiarowley.com/feather-skirt-holiday-12.html?color=Navy&size=1

3. opi nail art: with social networking and taking pictures being our 2nd occupation these days, don’t leave the house without your nails beat http://www.opi.com/mobile/

4. socks: can’t go wrong with a good pair of socks to keep warm during the holiday season and what better way than to be festive! grab this pair of arthur george here http://agsocks.com/naughty-nice.html

5. beyonce cd/visual album: need I say more http://mobile.walmart.com/m/phoenix#ip/Beyonce-Explicit-CD-DVD/33857675

6. dr dre beats: these are needed for the resounding snoring of your uncles after eating dinner plus if they’re on oprah’s favorite’s list, they’re ligit

hope you enjoy & Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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